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About us

About Perspectum Diagnostics

Perspectum Diagnostics focus on the detection and accurate, quantitative measurement of liver, gallbladder and pancreatic disease, including precancerous and cancerous states.

Our first clinical product, LiverMultiScan is FDA-cleared and available for clinical use in Europe and the USA. Our research tool LiverMultiScan Discover is currently supporting both clinical and preclinical trials and has detected change in as little as four weeks.

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Perspectum Diagnostics Time Line

What has happened since the foundation of the company and its products

  • Sep 2012Company Founded
    18th September 2012 - Perspectum Diagnostics forms as a limited company, founded by Rajarshi Banerjee, Stefan Neubauer, Matthew Robson and Michael Brady.
  • April 2013NHS and Oxford University investment
    April 2013 – The Chancellors and Masters of the University of Oxford, and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, formally invest in Perspectum Diagnostics, supporting a common goal of improving healthcare for patients with liver disease. READ MORE...
  • Sep 2013Collaboration with leading British liver centres
    September 2013 – Perspectum Diagnostics, in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and the University of Birmingham, wins by a grant of £1.2 million from the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, to develop LiverMultiscan. READ MORE...
  • Oct 2013First funding round completed
    October 2013 – First funding round completed and closed. Office moved to Oxford Centre for Innovation
  • Jan 2014Land mark trial
    January 2014 – The Journal of Hepatology publishes ‘Multiparametric magnetic resonance for the non-invasive diagnosis of liver disease’ READ MORE...
  • March 2014Multicentre clinical trial
    March 2014 – Clinical trial of LiverMultiscan opens.
  • March 2015Galectin Therapeutics trial
    LiverMultiScan to be used in Galectin Therapeutics Phase 2 drug trial
  • June 2015ISO9001 certification and grant
    Perspectum Diagnostics obtains ISO 9001 certification Perspectum Diagnostics awarded Horizon 2020 Phase 1 Grant to evaluate LiverMultiScan use in children and adolescents
  • Nov 2015FDA Clearance
    Perspectum Diagnostics announces FDA Clearance for LiverMultiScan MR Imaging Device
  • Jan 2016Study of patients
    Perspectum Diagnostics initiates LiverMultiScan study of patients