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The Perspectum Story

Perspectum Diagnostics was founded in partnership with the University of Oxford in 2012 after a ground-breaking study demonstrated the potential of T1 mapping to predict liver fibrosis. Dr Rajarshi Banerjee, then a clinical researcher at the University and now CEO of Perspectum Diagnostics, explains:

“Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the liver is not a new concept. Research in the 1980’s showed that there was some correlation between T1 values and liver disease. However, the liver has a tendency to store iron in quantities that are sufficient to alter the T1 signal, rendering it ineffective in many cases. Together with Prof Matthew Robson and other scientists at the Oxford Centre for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Research, we developed our now patented technology which uses multiple parametric measurements to correct for differences in iron storage. This enabled the creation of our novel liver inflammation and fibrosis (LIF) score which correlates closely with the current gold standard of staging fibrotic liver disease, liver biopsy. We also found that the technique is particularly good at spotting early disease, which is essential in allowing patients to make lifestyle alterations before they progress to potentially irreversible cirrhosis. As a physician, I wanted to bring this technology to clinicians worldwide, helping them to slow the huge burden of liver disease. In 2012, we took the decision to commercialise the technology (branded as LiverMultiScan) and Perspectum Diagnostics was created. “

Since its initial release in 2015, LiverMultiScan has achieved CE and FDA certification and has been installed on five continents. Using this remarkable technology, we have analysed more than 15,000 images, and partnered with pharmaceutical companies in both clinical and preclinical trials. A recent study suggested that the technology predicts clinical outcomes in patients with chronic liver disease Why not be part of the next chapter of the Perspectum story?