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Image Analysis

Image Analysis

LiverMultiScan assists clinicians evaluate a liver accurately because it can provide a map of the whole liver, showing specific regions of disease.

This is of paramount importance in certain conditions which affect only parts of the liver. Perspectum Diagnostics is conducting further research in new methods for analyzing liver MR images, which will help clinicians in the future.

Regional differences in liver disease

To the right (Scan A) is a cT1 map of a young patient with primary sclerosing cholangitis. Note the regional variation in the severity of fibrosis and that it is possible to determine the percentage volumes of normal vs diseased liver using LiverMultiScan based technology.

The biopsy from this patient showed the diseased area of liver (left lobe, green) to be severely inflamed and necrotic, but it completely missed the preserved area of the liver (right lobe, green), which allowed the patient to recover and regenerate. Scan B shows the same patient 20 months later after recovering from acute flare. Note substantial improvement in healthy (green) tissue fraction. No other test can monitor and quantify chronic liver disease in this way.
LiverMultiScan of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

22 yr old Oxford man with PSC and AIH overlap syndrome.
Response to prednisolone and azathioprine over 20 months.