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We believe that our unique imaging technology can help patients to understand their own liver health. The information that you get from LiverMultiScan™ gives you detailed feedback about the health of your whole liver. The information can help you to make choices about your lifestyle and your treatment.

People with liver disease might not get any symptoms until the liver is already badly damaged. So if your LiverMultiScan shows that your liver health is stable or improving it can be hugely reassuring. If your LiverMultiScan shows that your liver health has deteriorated you can focus on taking positive steps to address this, for example by changing your lifestyle or discussing your treatment with your clinician.

We want all liver patients to be able to access LiverMultiScan so that you can take a pro-active approach to your liver health.

How can I get a LiverMultiScan procedure?

Our technology is currently being used in many clinical trials all over the world. Pharmaceutical companies are using LiverMultiScan to assess whether the drugs they are developing to treat liver disease are effective. Patients in these trials receive a LiverMultiScan at the start of the trial, they then receive follow up scans during and after the trial to look for changes in their liver health. If enough patients show a significant improvement in their liver health the companies know that their new drugs are working.

We are now introducing LiverMultiScan into hospitals around the world so that patients who are not taking part in research trials can also access the scans as part of their care. We are working hard to make LiverMultiScan widely available in a clinical setting. If you would like to find out more please get in touch with us here at Perspectum.