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Mike participated as a test case for a LiverMultiScan™ study and discovered that his Liver Iron Concentration was elevated above normal. Instantly, Mike had reassurance from LiverMultiScan that whilst his liver was beginning to load iron, there was no evidence of any damage from this.  

When Hemochromatosis is suspected, blood tests will be done to check transferrin saturation and serum ferritin. Mike’s blood tests were mixed. His serum ferritin was normal and his transferrin saturation was significantly raised. These kinds of mixed blood results are normal within early iron loading. 

A further blood test confirmed that Mike has Hereditary Hemochromatosis. This diagnosis has also since been confirmed with both of Mike’s siblings. Mike’s parents were found only to be carriers of the condition, and displayed no evidence of abnormal iron.  

Mike’s second LiverMultiScan was taken 12 months after his first one. It showed that his Liver Iron Concentration had dropped to the edge of the normal limit at 1.8mg/g.  

In the 6 months prior to his second LiverMultiScan Mike had donated several pints of blood. If he continues to donate blood regularly throughout his lifetime he should be able to avoid any liver damage related to iron overload, as should his family.