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LiverMultiScan Discover combines the same technology that underpins LiverMultiScan with an enhanced feature and service package to support interventional and observational trials.

The LiverMultiScan Discover difference

LiverMultiScan Discover offers a unique combination of surrogate endpoints for liver fat, iron (T2*) and fibroinflammatory disease (the LIF score), for investigational use only.

The LIF score has been shown to predict outcomes in patients with chronic liver disease and to correlate with histological fibrosis grading. It is currently used in clinical trials for anti-fibrotic agents to assess mid-trial efficacy and as a secondary endpoint.

The LIF score and liver fat metrics have been used to successfully differentiate between simple steatosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). This offers a unique opportunity for trial enrichment.


LiverMultiScan Discover is offered as a bespoke service designed to support interventional and observational clinical trials. We provide as standard:

  • · Imaging study design.
  • · Site support and project management.
  • · Secure data transfer and management.
  • · Bespoke reporting.
  • · Advanced image analysis.


LiverMultiScan Discover is available now

LiverMultiScan Discover endpoints are not yet validated in all territories and the device is not cleared nor approved by any regulatory body.