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LiverMultiScan is a non-invasive medical imaging software tool which, combined with MRI, can be part of the diagnostic pathway for patients with chronic liver disease. LiverMultiScan is available now for clinical use.

Liver Disease - a 21st century problem

Fuelled by modern diets and lifestyle, it is estimated that over 40% of the adult US population has non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) . Left untreated, this can cause inflammation and scarring; so detecting liver disease early is key to reducing treatment costs and improving patients’ prognosis. Read more…

- a 21st century solution

MRI is a safe and painless imaging technique that enables detailed inspection of soft tissue, non-invasively. LiverMultiScan software works with MRI to reconstruct maps that can be used by physicians to aid in the detection of early liver disease and to monitor treatment response. What does LiverMultiScan measure?

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LiverMultiScan is delivered by Perspectum Diagnostics, which was founded by physicians, scientists, and engineers from the world-renowned University of Oxford. Our ground breaking technology has been installed on 5 continents and is improving patient care around the world.